Maybe you are planning to have your goods transported? They need to be stored so you are looking for warehouses? Or maybe you want to transship them to another means of transport? We will help you out in each of those scenarios!

At our possession, we have 4 heated production and storage facilities in central Poland (Wierzbica near the town of Radom) with a total area of over 7,000 m2. The venues are located on a 2.3 ha site which is fenced and subject to 24/7 supervision and monitoring. Part of the site (1.5 ha) is hardened with cobblestone.

It is here, where we store goods that require protecting and packaging prior to the shipment, as well as products ready to be shipped, wooden boxes with packaged goods, and containers to be transported in due course. Also, goods are transshipped here to other means of transports and, if needed, subject to customs clearance.

In the case when your goods require protection from mechanical damage and/or humidity, please visit the website of our sister company, Opakowania Eksportowe Sp. z o.o. sp.k.

We will gladly assist you in your projects using our overhead crane with a capacity of up to 25 tones, crane, forklifts with a capacity of up to 12 tones, industrial scales, rental containers, and an approved place of customs office where we may organize customs clearance for your goods.

Are you interested in transporting, storing, protecting, packaging and completing customs clearance of your goods? You are in the right place, we will help you in that regard, offering comprehensive services without any unnecessary complications.

01.Domestic transport

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02.International transport

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03.Express consignments

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04.Machine relocation

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