About Us

Our company was established in the year 1997. In the beginning, the company rendered minor transport services across Poland.

However, it did not take us long to expand our activity, introducing to our portfolio such services as international transport, express consignments, storage, transshipment, protecting and packaging goods to be transported as well as customs management.

With our over 20 years’ long experience, we are in the position to quickly react to the needs of our customers, coming up with an adequate and comprehensive offer of services in each individual case.

We are always on time and take utmost care of the goods you ensured to us! We pay attention to professionalism in every detail!

Certifications and insurances held by the company:

  • Certificate of Professional Competence in the area of international road transportation of goods
  • License for international carriage of goods by road for hire and reward
  • Insurance required for cabotage operations in the EU
  • Road hauler’s third party liability insurance
  • Freight forwarder’s third party liability insurance


01.Domestic transport

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02.International transport

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03.Express consignments

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04.Machine relocation

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